Karlie Kloss Teaches Us This Genius Trick for Curling Eyelashes

When it comes to beautiful, mile-long lashes Opens a New Window. , no one quite matches the likes of Karlie Kloss Opens a New Window. . Now, thanks to her Vogue video, we know how she gets them to lift and curl… and it’s not at all what we expected!

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Showcasing how she creates her night-out look, the 26-year-old model shared a few beauty secrets Opens a New Window. she’s picked up working in the industry since her teen years. While she had some good advice like how to blend under eye concealer (pat with your ring finger) or soak in skincare (pushing up and out), it was her lash hack that really stuck with Us.

“We’ve got a couple of little tools Opens a New Window. here,” said the new host of Project Runway while picking up a lash curler, a spoon and what looks like an electronic nose trimmer. “An eyelash curler gets the job done but I’ve had nightmare situations.”

So instead she turns to an unlikely item – a teaspoon.

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    “This teaspoon is very functional,” she said. “It’s in my bag at all times for whatever the needs are.” While most people just use this utensil to eat the blonde beauty uses it to give her lashes a tight curl.

    So how does she do it? She lays it on top of her lid pressing the bottom edge against the top of her lash line. Then she simply pinches along, molding the individual lashes to the curve of the spoon.

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    She says she picked up this cost-effective trick backstage from the makeup legend Pat McGrath.

    But if you’re wiling to drop some money, another safe lash-curling tool she uses is a heated eyelash curler. This one simply runs over the outside of the lashes to shape them however you want, “without any risk of pulling your lashes out,” Kloss points out.

    While both seem like great pain-free options, the spoon method is just pure genius. After all, who doesn’t have access to a spoon?!

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