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Apprentice star and West Ham United vice-chair KARREN BRADY answers your careers questions and meets an inspirational CEO.

Here she gives a reader advice on how to make sure she gets the best out of herself in an interview for a more senior role.

Q) I’ve got an interview coming up for a job as an NHS IT project manager, a role that I’m currently doing on secondment from my more junior, position.

I know deep down that I can perform the role, as for the past 12 months I’ve implemented new computer systems into two emergency departments.

But I’m nervous and lacking in confidence about the interview, especially as there are other people from my team going for it, too.


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Do you have any tips to help stop my mind going blank when I’m facing the interview panel?

Anna, via email

A) Interview panels can be intimidating, so the best thing you can do is be prepared. 

As you say, you know you can perform the role – you just need to bring the reasons why to the surface and show them off.

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Go through the job description in detail, and make notes of how you are qualified for each requirement.

Take time to rehearse your answers to potential questions. Write down your key achievements, give examples of where you excelled – such as those new computer systems – and the challenges you faced, plus how you overcame them, and how you would seek to make further improvements in the future.

Read, re-read and read your notes again – you cannot prepare too much! From a practical perspective, make sure you’re wearing comfortable but professional clothing, arrive a few minutes early, take deep breaths when you need to and have a few questions ready for the end of the interview.

Finally, don’t forget that you are a valuable asset and that the role you’re applying for must be right for you too.

Best of luck.


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I’m also This Morning’s cleaning expert, and if I have an appearance coming up, I spend hours researching and sourcing products.

I have another book brewing, too. As well as going to London for meetings, I travel nationwide for events and appearances.

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At 5pm, I close my laptop. After dinner and time with the kids, I return to social media to answer followers’ questions.

The best part of my job is… It feels good to inspire others to create a clean home, get moving and enjoy the mindfulness benefits of a good scrub!

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