Katy Perry Nearly Knocks Down Her Met Gala Stylist With Her Giant Angel Wings — Watch

Katy Perry managed to stay upright in her massive angel wings at the Met Gala, but her stylist almost didn’t make it! Watch the shocking moment Katy’s wings almost knocked her over!

Whoops! Katy Perry‘s stylist, Jamie Mizrah, barely made it off the red carpet alive at the Met Gala after coming in contact with her client’s massive angel wings. While trying to fluff up Katy’s feathers before she took a photo, poor Jamie’s head almost got lobbed off by one of them! As you can see in the video below, Katy turns away to start walking back down the carpet and has no idea that her stylist is standing right beside her. The eight-foot-tall wing makes contact with Jamie’s head and she looks visibly shocked, her mouth open in horror. But she recovers like a pro. Hopefully, that didn’t hurt too much!

The incident would have gone unnoticed, but unfortunately for Katy, the whole thing was captured on E!’s red carpet live stream. “I gotta ask, how many people did Katy Perry accidentally hit with those giant wings?”, one person commented, while another added, “Did anybody else see Katy perry smack that girl with her wing. omg. And she didn’t even say sorry.”

That wasn’t the only issue Katy had at the Met Gala. She almost didn’t even make it! Katy rolled up in a vintage Rolls Royce convertible (you can’t fit those wings in a regular car), which stalled about a block away from the Metropolitan Museum of Art. In footage of the mishap, Katy, who’s standing up in the back of the car, tells a woman off camera that, “I think the car won’t start.” Jamie took advantage of the extra few minutes to run a lint roller over Katy’s golden Versace dress, at least. In true Katy fashion, she was totally chill about the whole thing. Acting angelic comes with the wings!

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