Kerry King reveals what the Universe has in store for you this week… according to Tarot

Kerry has been practising tarot readings for the last twenty years, starting from reading for friends to amassing an international client list.

Using her strong intuition and deep knowledge and understanding of the horoscope, she is able to provide accurate and encouraging predictions for the coming days.

Aries – Do a favour for a Future You

The Five of Wands hints you’ve had a disagreement with someone which has got you thinking… and it’s actually going to turn out to be a good prompt because there’s a shift in direction which would benefit you long-term right now.

The Seven of Coins is about pausing to reflect on our journey so far and getting up high enough, and far away enough from the everyday hustle, to see where our current trajectory is taking us.

Like the view? Mostly?

Well, the Nine of Coins indicates you can make some tweaks or investments this week that will pay back handsomely later down the line, possibly to do with home improvements or even a move.

Your security and future stability are on your mind, and you realise you should probably be taking more notice of your foundations and base.

You might decide, after this pause, to make quite a radical change and swerve course altogether (people often do when the Seven of Coins crops up), or it may be just a few wise adjustments and shrewd investments.

Do something a Future You will thank you for.

Taurus – Stick or twist?

Cards of equal power but in conflicting directions visit you this week.

The Four of Coins is all about sticking with the ‘better the devil you know’ vs the equally potent Knight of Wands, which suggests throwing caution to the wind and heading off into a new horizon. Stick or twist, Taurus?

The card which perhaps advises you on an alternative middle ground is the Eight of Coins.

So imagine this scenario as one big learning curve.

You don’t have to change everything overnight, you don’t have all the answers right now, you’re under no pressure (except that which you inflict upon yourself) to do anything drastic either way.

Appreciate this chapter will bring new understanding about your desires vs your commitments, and that you’re taking it all just one step at a time.

It won’t feel like much is changing but, when you look back over the next weeks or months, you’ll realise how far you’ve come, how much you’ve learnt and that you’re no longer in that "place".

Baby step your way out of this impasse.

Gemini – Make light of things

An old friend, colleague or acquaintance is likely to emerge this week, bringing good news and fun times.

Dive right on in to enjoy the reunion and embrace the fresh energy it brings into your world right now.

It’s likely this comes as a welcome reprieve because Seven of Wands and Two of Swords hint that you’ve been in a tough spot recently.

Competition, rivalry, pressure and a consequent feeling of “Why am I doing this?” have built up around you.

Two of Swords hints that you’re coming to a crossroads with this situation, facing an opportunity to change course and walk away from it, or even to head deeper into the fray.

There’s no wrong choice (except for NOT making one at all) and the only ask from the Universe is that you look at this situation in all its shades and guises, even the yucky bits (especially the yucky bits).

You’ve got what it takes to overcome the obstacles, and nothing worth having comes THAT easy anyway, does it?

Cancer – Take a big chance on yourself

The Seven and Queen of Coins indicate you’re entering a little chapter of reflection and pause for thought.

Where are you at? How did you get here? What’s great, and what’s not? Where next?

Lots to think on, and the Queen of Coins strongly advises that you put YOU first in this planning process.

Some TLC, self-care, investment in your future, reward and pay back for the hard work and effort you’ve exerted recently.

Money is on your mind, and the ways and means of making more.

The good news is that the Page of Wands is ALL about good news, so expect a leg-up from the Universe in work or finances.

It also crops up when we’d be advised to take a more experimental, risk-taking, playful approach to an area of our life.

Nothing has to be perfect, right first time, or lucrative from the get-go.

It’s all a journey, it’s all learning… what can you start today that sets you off on such a path?

Leo – Align your head AND your heart over this decision

Judgment is not so much about being "judgy" but about acknowledging something has come to an end, accepting our role in that, and moving forwards with optimism.

It might be leaving something behind altogether, it might be a "reboot" of something which has been faltering.

Nothing is ever any ONE person’s fault, and the Blame Game leads nowhere fast. Stop playing it.

Recognise all the wonderful opportunities for happiness around you – there’s second chances here, there and everywhere this week.

Which will you choose to ignite?

The Page of Swords and Knight of Cups hint that this has been a head vs heart situation, but that you’ll come to a place where your intellect and your emotions meet in the middle and agree.

Breathe a sigh of relief that this troubled phase is over, and you’re ready to accelerate on again, into good times and prosperous adventures!

Virgo – Show them love

It’s in your gift this week to revitalise a relationship which is enormously important to you but has entered a bit of a stagnant phase recently.

The King of Cups represents this person – someone you love dearly – and the Four of Cups represents that "meh" feeling we can all get ourselves into.

Life’s busy and demanding. We get tired, grouchy, distracted and self -absorbed.

Step outside of that rut this week and use the potent energy of The Magician card to create something wonderful for your other half (or someone you want to rekindle things with, if you’re single).

The Magician is about using our own wits and resources to make something out of nothing.

What can you uniquely do that impresses and demonstrates to them just how much you care?

It doesn’t have to be an extravagant gesture, it’s more of a personal connection.

And you’ll be surprised how effective it is at getting that Love Train back on track…!

Libra – Love is in the air…

Oooh, there’s a new love interest in town – likely an Air sign (Libra, Aquarius or Gemini – all of which are very compatible with you) as shown by the boisterous Knight of Swords.

This character bursts onto the scene like a jack in a box, and you’re impressed.

You should be, because "impressive" is their middle name.

The Sun and Ten of Cups combine to suggest an immediate attraction, and a swift-burning affair.

Travel and trips are probable, somewhere sunny and fun-filled.

Perhaps that is where you’ll meet if you’re on your holibobs this week perchance.

As much as this love interest is a hot potato, they’re also quite hot-headed, and this means that a flare-up is likely pretty quickly.

However, Libra, you’re not one to back down from a row – you could argue your way out of pretty much anything so they don’t realise who they’ve tangled with (they soon will).

Have fun, make the most of the sunny days, travel if you can.

Scorpio – It’s all a juggling act

Oh my days, it’s all going off!

Your mind, body and spirit are being overwhelmed on all levels and you can’t see the wood for the trees this week.

Seven of Coins hints that you’re desperate for more thinking space, because you need to process the latest developments and make a cunning plan (Scorpios HAVE to have a cunning plan at ALL times).

Three of Cups shows you’re in demand socially – lots of invites and possibilities and opportunities… but where’s the time or energy?

Ten of Wands is the workaholic card, a phase of feeling burdened by duty and responsibilities.

What to do then?

Just keep juggling. It will pass.

Don’t take on ANYTHING else this week though, and trust that things will improve (so, don’t lose your s*** with anyone).

Weed out the unnecessary as you go along, trimming back where you can.

Little by little, normal balance will be restored.

Sagittarius – A loss makes make for new news

Some tough cards this week, Sagittarius, so expect a twist in the tale which sees you rethinking everything!

Death is the most potent of this hand and it represents significant change – the kind we can’t resist (or it just makes it harder).

So, firstly, roll with the punches.

Five of Coins is (there’s no sugar coating this) about loss. Something will depart, or show the first signs of doing so, from your landscape and it will hurt you.

OK, that’s the worst bit.

BUT, the feelings don’t HAVE to linger.

Once the plaster has been ripped off, the healing is already underway if you’ll let it, and don’t pick at it.

The Eight of Swords hints this episode has a potential silver lining of pulling you out of a mental prison you’d been stuck in, unwittingly.

This jolt could reboot your thinking, your plans and your future opportunities.

Look ahead. Breathe easier. Be optimistic. The worst is over.

Capricorn – Celebrate your relationships

The Six of Wands is like a tarot ‘high five’ and is here to congratulate you for being exactly where you’re meant to be.

All that’s gone before has brought you to this very spot for a reason. Why?

I think it’s to do with your relationships and this week there’s a chance to both finally process and let go of the shit ones (as shown by the "cutting losses" Five of Swords card) and to pour love into the good ones (as shown by the charming, funboy Knight of Cups).

We are often so busy that we don’t stop and invest deliberately into our own network and support system.

Do we take it for granted? Maybe.

Well, this week you can boost your credit score with the people you love and like by doing, or saying, some nice stuff.

And, equally, consider how much better off you are (in hindsight) without the ones you’ve lost along the way.

Forget those who forgot you.

Onward with your Dream Team, because the Universe is pleased with who you’ve got around you now.

Aquarius – Be direct about what you need

When the Queen of Swords shows up, we know we’re in for an interesting week.

One where you make progress and get stuff done, but maybe ruffle a few feathers along the way.

No matter, Aquarius, because the Seven of Wands reinforces that you need to stand your ground right now.

No one else is going to do it for you, so stick up for yourself and demand what you know you need.

The Eight of Coins hints that this is to do with training, learning, education or skills in some way.

Perhaps you need to brush up, refine, improve, revisit or restart your own development in your career or side line ventures.

And it’s down to you to identify the gaps, see the opportunities to fill them, and make that happen.

Don’t hold back, don’t expect it to get done FOR you.

The Queen of Swords comes to lend you her logical, rational and "strong" mentality; she will help you get this sorted out. Lean on her energy.

Be a bit Queenie!

Pisces – Address a bad habit once and for all

Two powerful major arcana cards this week (i.e. messages from the Universe) – Temperance and The Devil.

There’s also the equally feisty Five of Swords, which means cutting your losses in a no-win situation.

So, you’ve got to walk away from something: a person, place or sitch which has become draining, difficult, even impossible.

And newsflash – it ain’t going to improve.

But, back to those major arcana cards… The Devil hints that the situation may be one of your own making, it may be a bad habit, negative self-belief or pattern of behaviour which keeps you in a stasis you no longer like.

Temperance reinforces this angle.

It speaks of finding a new balance, a new way, a new mindset to cope with the changing world around us.

Identify where you can be your own worst enemy, or trip yourself up, and have a good talking to this inner bod this week.

You can finally loosen their influence on your life, and change things for the better.

Kerry King uses tarot and star sign wisdom to create inspiring forecasts and insights, with over 20 years fortune telling experience, and many happy clients all over the world.

You can book a personal, written reading, which comes as a beautifully illustrated brochure, at

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