KFC fan casually wears a bargain bucket around her head when out shopping as makeshift face mask

A WOMAN has been seen wearing a KFC chicken bucket as a makeshift face covering while out shopping. 

A bizarre clip showed the shopper attempting to shield her face from coronavirus using the cardboard takeaway box. 

The incident took place in the Westfield Marion shopping mall at Oaklands Park in Adelaide – and has racked up thousands of views since it was posted. 

The creative woman has opened the KFC box from the bottom to allow her to place it around her head. 

While it may not offer adequate protective from the deadly virus – her homemade solution has caused thousands to leave comments in response. 

One person said: "If you can't find any in the shops."

Another suggested her friend try out the look, saying: "If you can't find one for your flight…"

A third asked: "Why not the bucket? with eye holes of course."

As of today in the UK, face masks are compulsory in places like cafes, banks and shopping centres – and you could be fined £100 if you break the rules.

It's been mandatory to wear a face mask on public transport – including buses, trains and planes – since June 15.

The Sun has rounded up the cheapest places to buy face masks in light of the rule change.

Some experts claims that if all Brits wore faces masks then the UK could "return to normal" because they slash the risk of catching coronavirus.

In England, the rules are to try and stay at least two metres apart, although  one metre is now acceptable if the former isn't possible.

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