Khloé Kardashian Says Her Getting-Ready Essentials Include Coffee, Concealer and SPF on Her Hands

Khloé Kardashian certainly knows a thing or two about beauty. She's worked with the best makeup artists in the industry, tried top products from luxe brands, and not to mention, comes from a family of mega-successful beauty entrepreneurs. Now, she's sharing her ultimate collection of must-have products in her limited-edition IPSY Glam Bag.

Kardashian, who first became a brand partner with the beauty subscription service in September, curated her all-time favorite hair, makeup and skincare items in this hotly-anticipated new launch. And while not all of the beauty goodies inside the Glam Bag x Khloé collection have been revealed yet (it comes out in May), Kardashian did share a bit about what fans can expect when it launches.

"What's so killer about this particular bag is that they're eight full-size beauty products — not travel-sized like you normally get. It's awesome," Kardashian, 36, tells PEOPLE exclusively.

The first picks Kardashian can unveil include skincare staples: Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream, Herbivore Botanicals Prism 20% AHA & 5% BHA Exfoliating Glow Facial, 111SKIN Rose Gold Booster and Rodial Pink Diamond Cleansing Balm.

"At Christmas, Charlotte Tilbury sends stockings and one year it had the Magic Cream in it. I'm really fortunate to have access to this kind of stuff. This cream has this magical moisture that your skin absorbs to and holds on to so well," Kardashian explains. "I love hydration and moisture. I don't think you could have enough of it."

She also wanted to introduce her followers to the Herbivore Botanicals serum, which she calls an "instant facial."

"The packaging is so beautiful too. It's so gorgeous. The whole thing is just really pretty to have on your counter, but also so pretty what it does to your skin," the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star says. The eight-piece collection is worth up to $529, but will be available for just $55 plus shipping.

Starting in her teenage years, Kardashian says she developed a strong skincare foundation thanks to mom, Kris Jenner. "No matter how simple it was, she always embedded the importance of routine, even just washing your face every night before bed," she says. Now being in her mid-30s, Kardashian continues the rituals she started at a young age, but has "added more steps to my routine."

"Now I know the power and the importance of moisture and hydration, and I love to lather myself in oils," she says. "Or we have this 111Skin Rose Gold Radiance Booster in the IPSY Glam Bag, which I love because it gives a dewy glow. The older you get, you become obsessed with hydration from the outside and inside."

Kardashian is also a stickler for SPF and says she has always remembered to apply it in places others may forget.

"Someone told me to wear sunscreen on your hands, décolletage and neck, especially driving because you're exposed through the windshield. I've been doing that since I was about 16," she says. "Not to brag, but I have very nice hands! I have friends that are my age that have much more age-appropriate hands."

As for her typical routine, when she's getting ready on her own before a day of work and taking care of 2-year-old daughter True, Kardashian says it takes "about 30 minutes" to get it done. "It depends where I'm going of course, but if I'm just running around day-to-day, it's really quick and easy. We know our face so well and you're like, 'I know what can get me through the day,'" she says.

Her two essentials: "coffee and concealer."

"That's really just it! If you have the luxury of a glam squad, they will make it look like you slept for three days, my gosh," Kardashian says with a laugh. "But if not, I will say the KKW Beauty Concealer really does the trick. And I'm not just plugging it because Kim's my sister!"

The Glam Bag x Khloé IPSY collection drops in May.

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