Kim Kardashian is 'blunt and uncaring' but Pete Davidson ‘craves affection’ – psychic reveals relationship red flags

KIM Kardashian can come off as blunt and uncaring while Pete Davidson craves affection, a psychic has revealed, and this can be a major red flag in their relationship.

The couple, however, seems to get stronger after they were first seen together in November 2021.

Six months after they were initially rumored to be dating, The US Sun spoke to spiritual coach Samantha Jayne to check in on Kim, 41, and Pete, 28, their compatibility, and what's in store for them.

"As I connect with the energies around their relationship through the use of the tarot, I am being shown that Kim is very much focused on the future right now and this links more to her sisters and the various projects they are working on together and individually," the psychic first revealed.

"Kim is building a much brighter future right now. Pete is at a point of choosing to take a new beginning and again I feel this is career-linked and he is needing to go over the details with careful consideration before making his choice."

As fans know Kim and her sisters recently premiered a new show, The Kardashians, on Hulu, where they promise to give fans a more unfiltered look at their lives.

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As for Pete, he will be soon premiering a new show that portrays a fictionalized version of his life.

"Both of them appear to be spending time thinking about partners of the past, the past challenges that they have faced," Samantha Jayne continued.

"With everything Kim has walked through, she is very much the warrior right now in her life and especially when it comes to love.

"She still has a lot of emotion around the situation that has gone on and continues to go on with her ex, Kanye. This is going to need to be faced and worked through or her relationship with Pete could come crashing down."

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In early March, Kim was declared officially single after a long divorce battle with Kanye.

However, it's not surprising that the mom-of-four has been left scarred from her multiple marriages and would rather take it slow with the comedian.

Samantha Jayne continued: "She wants success in love with Pete but is determined to be safe and in control moving forward – in control of the events, how they are perceived by the public as well as her own emotions. She feels like such a businesswoman, even when it comes to love.

"Pete wants this to be right and is looking at how to maintain balance in his life and this relationship. He needs to feel secure and craves affection and to feel loved and supported, something Kim oozes is love and support, but she is also very persuasive when she wants things her way!

"If they are going to continue to grow in this relationship, they are going to need to learn to compromise or there will be difficulties ahead.

"Communication issues between the two of them are the biggest potential crash here. Kim can come across as blunt or uncaring at times in the way that she talks to people, while Pete needs reassurance that he is valued.

"In the future, it could feel too much for Kim when she finds herself feeling torn between career success and spending time with Pete.

"Her career and businesses are set to massively pick up and this could leave Pete feeling neglected as her energy and time goes into her career.

"This relationship has a karmic feel to it, one where both will be squeezed through events to deal with their inner fears around relationships and exes!"

A karmic relationship is often described as an all-consuming relationship that could be extremely difficult to maintain.


Previously, Samantha Jayne had spoken to The US Sun and revealed that the two had a great foundation for friendship but not love if they didn't work out their issues.

"If he is true to his sign, he will obsess with wanting to be with her if she captures his heart," she continued.

"However, they are such different beings. Their connection consists of intelligent conversation about the work they are doing, their careers, and what they want to achieve in life but when it comes to love, they cannot give each other what they need.

"So, if these two do hit it off, I am pretty sure it will fizzle out in time."

Samantha Jayne explained that Kim could be attracted to Pete – because what Hollywood woman isn't at this point?

Her attraction to him comes from him being someone hard to work out. He is definitely guarded and could even be described as moody, pessimistic, and even broken, according to Samantha Jayne.

He has the perfect energy to match her maternal one and she will find herself wanting to "come in and rescue him."

"However, this attraction will soon fade as he becomes hard work for her to be with as anything more than friends," the psychic revealed.

"He likes his way of being and will not want to change for her and she needs to be with someone with a more positive outlook on life.

"He will also come to learn that she is not the emotional connection he needs, someone to be there for him all the time to pick him up when he is down, and this is something she has struggled with in her previous relationships too.

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"Scorpios also have a way with words and are very open about their emotions. Again, this is why I feel with Kim, this could be the biggest issue here. He will want more from her and it simply isn’t her. It is not how she does love."

Only time will tell if Kim and Pete make it to the altar.

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