Kim Zolciak Gets Ear Fillers So She Can Wear Big Earrings: Daughter Jokes It’s #RichPeopleProblems

Brielle Biermann revealed one of Kim Zolciak’s shocking beauty treatments on Twitter! See her hilarious message about her mom’s ear fillers — yes, you read that right — here.

Kim Zolciak isn’t willing to give up wearing massive diamond earrings just because they’re too heavy on her ears. So, she figured out a way make it work — by getting ear fillers! Her daughter, Brielle Biermann, went public with her mom’s secret on Twitter April 28. “My mom gets filler in her ears because her diamond earrings are too heavy,” she tweeted. “#RichPeopleProblems.” LOL, hey, you gotta do what you gotta do right?! Well, after the tweet started gaining a little attention, Kim took to her own page to offer an explanation.

“Just my right ear that I use to talk on the phone,” she wrote. “My lobe is pulled down slightly. So rather than have surgery to fix it a couple years ago Dr. Ourian put a tad of filler in the lobe and my earring stays straight up instead of facing downward.” Fair enough! Either way, leave it to Brielle to call her mom out in front of thousands of social media followers with a funny tweet about the situation. Ear fillers are #RichPeopleProblems indeed!

In the past, Kim has not been shy about the fact that she’s gotten some work done on her face and body. She admitted to having Botox done since she was “young,” and confirmed that she has had breast implants, as well. She also had a tummy tuck when she had a hernia removed.

Km and Brielle also both get lip fillers, although they’ve received criticism for letting Brielle have the injections so young. However, the 21-year-old is not shy about firing back at any haters who call her out for her plumped up lips. Slay, girl!

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