LadBaby mum Roxanne Hoyle breaks down in tears recalling struggle to pay for food when she was just 70p short

THE mum from the LadBaby duo broke down in tears after revealing she was once short 70p at the supermarket, after the pair had to slash their food budget to just £20 a week. 

Roxanne Hoyle, who stars in the hilarious Christmas parody songs with her partner, Mark Hoyle and kids, Phoenix and Kobe, has opened up about the time the pair struggled financially. 

The duo are now infamous up and down the country after securing back-to-back Christmas number ones with their hilarious sausage-roll themed songs, but a few years ago it was a very different story. 

In a moving clip on YouTube, Roxanne explained how she and Mark lived on a shoestring budget after she fell pregnant. 

She said: “I always will go back to a point in our lives when me and Mark had to go on a budget.

"Me and Mark decided to become parents and we went down to single parent income.

"There was a budget every week after all the bills and everything that life costs and we had £20 per week to buy food.

"This particular day we went to the supermarket and we had £20, we had the nappies, we had shower gel, pasta, just the basic things you need. I remember getting to the checkout.”

Roxanne, from Nottinghamshire, held back tears as she explained her heart sank when the cashier rung up her groceries – and she was 70p short. 

She continued: “The lady put it all through and she was like, 'that's £20.70'.

"I was just like, 'oh my God'. It was sheer panic. I had £20 exactly.”

Roxanne confirmed she began to put items back, when a kind stranger came to her aid. 

The mum-of-two gushed: “There was this guy and he said, 'are you ok?' He literally went here you go and gave me a quid. 

“You want to give your kids everything and at the time I just wanted to hug him."

Roxanne said she’s never forgotten that man’s actions, as she urged people not to judge struggling parents. 

She added: “I will never forget the person at the back. I come and put the nappies and baby wipes back. I was like we will have to go without.

"I will never forget how that felt as a mum. I never want anyone to be sitting at that dinner table saying, they're eating, but they have nothing in front of them.

"People can judge but I don't want people to feel embarrassed by that."

The parents have just released another Christmas single, called ‘Don’t Stop Me Eating’, a parody of Journey's Don’t Stop Believing, in a bid to be crowned Christmas number one for the third year in a row.

In 2018 they clinched the top spot with We Built This City, and last year they were top of the chart with I love Sausage Rolls. 

Proceeds from all their music goes towards raising funds for the food bank charity the Trussell Trust. 

The parents are only the third act in chart history to land consecutive Christmas number ones, after The Beatles and The Spice Girls.

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