Lady Gaga Shows Sexy Leg & Cleavage On November Cover Of ‘ELLE’ — Pics

Lady Gaga has been a mega star for a decade, but the singer-turned-actress is about to have her biggest year yet. See gorgeous photos of her in ‘ELLE’ magazine’s November issue below.

Lady Gaga, 32, is sexy and stunning for ELLE’s November Issue. It’s the 25th year of Women in Hollywood, and Lady Gaga has seamlessly transitioned from pop star to serious actress, thanks to her role in A Star Is Born. The movie is about a struggling singer, so Gag truly related, though she did feel some insecurity about being an actress. “For me, in music and in acting, I’m always pulling from my past experiences, family dynamics, relationships, pain, happiness, joy, the roller coaster ride of my life — how that has kind of created this beautiful disco ball that’s somehow refracted and fractured,” she told the magazine.

Gaga continued, “The opening moment, where you see him pop some pills, down some booze, hop onstage, and just electrify the audience until the last bass note hits, and the limousine door shuts as the cameras are flashing, and it goes to total silence — this is how I feel as a performer. That’s what it feels like when you go onstage, and there are 20,000 people screaming, and you’re singing, and dancing, and performing, and then the show is over, and there is no sound. It’s emotional.”

Through she draws from experience, her character is not who Lady Gaga actually is. “The character of Ally is informed by my life experience, but I also wanted to make sure that she was not me. It was a cadence of both.” She looks so amazing in this shoot and the movie is one of the best of the year!

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