Lili Reinhart Channels Elle Woods In Hot Pink Sequin Dress At The Teen Choice Awards

Queen Lili is here! Lili Reinhart rolled up to the Teen Choice Awards red carpet looking like a straight blonde bombshell in a curve-hugging, sequin dress. See pics of her jaw-dropping outfit here!

Yowza! Excuse us while we pick our jaws up off the floor! Riverdale star Lili Reinhart made her grand entrance at the Teen Choice Awards on August 12 in a stunningly sexy, sequin gown (say that three times fast) that transformed her into a blonde bombshell. Lili always looks gorgeous, but we’ve never seen her wear anything like this. Lili took a page out of Elle Woods’ book and strapped on a sleek, hot pink gown that hugged her every curve to perfection. The strapless number fit her perfectly, and was covered in sequins. It’s a lot of glamour for something as casual as the Teen Choice Awards, but that only makes her exceptional outfit stand out more!

Lili rounded the outfit out with a hint of pink eyeshadow and nude lips to balance out the intensity of the gown. She gave an unexpected pop of (more) color with red, pointed-toe heels. And, like our Legally Blonde heroine, kept her locks straight and shiny with a subtle wave. Love it! Seriously, check out the full-length pic of her outfit below!

We can honestly say it’s an improvement upon last year’s look. While Lili is always lovely, her dress was a bit, shall we say … out there. The outfit consisted of a transparent, burgundy lace dress with long sleeves and a high neck layered over a burgundy bodysuit. She went monochromatic with the look, wearing eyeshadow the same color as her frock. It was a cool outfit, but just a little too much, if that makes sense. The neck was adorned with a giant velvet bow, and the sleeves had jeweled detailing. Nevertheless, Lili always looks divine, and we adore what she rocked this year!

We can’t wait to see what the rest of the Riverdale cast is wearing tonight at the Teen Choice Awards! If they look even half as good as Lili, they’d be lucky! Oh — and you can see more of our Best Dressed celebrities on the red carpet HERE!

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