Lottie Moss Does Not Need Help From Her Sister Kate

Lottie Moss is a lot of things. She’s a model, the younger half-sister of OG Supermodel Kate Moss and now she has another addition to her already multi-hyphenate moniker: designer. This year, the 20-year-old UK native began a partnership with retailer PacSun in Lottie Moss x PacSun, a line of warm weather staples in lightweight materials and delicate prints, perfect for cool-girls hanging around L.A., or those who attended festivals like Coachella.

This week marked the latest expansion of Lottie Moss x PacSun with the launch of a brand new range of the summer styles. We caught up with the blonde, British babe ahead of Coachella to preview the pieces and we have to say—they’re so good! Here, Moss’s thoughts on everything from the Insta-famous models she’s style crushing on, to the biggest difference between her personal style and that of her iconic older sister.


What were your inspirations for the line?

I took a lot of inspiration from my friends and I’ve been on Pinterest for so long looking at things that I liked and favoriting them. I guess I just picked up from people around me as well. I wanted it to be everything that I would wear. I didn’t want to make anything where I was like ‘Hmm, I’m not sure about this’.

Was there anyone specific in the fashion industry or style icons that you looked to for inspiration?

I love Gigi Hadid and Bella Hadid—I think their style is really cool. I always see things on them and I’m like ‘Oh my god, that looks so nice’. And I really like Blake Lively’s style. It’s different than mine, but it’s really cool. She always looks really good.

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Your sister Kate obviously has pretty iconic style—did you consult her at all while working on the line?

Not really. I wanted it to be all about what I like and my style. I mean, she’s a bit older now, so she has her own style and I have [mine].

Which piece from the line is your favorite? 

I love the lemons [and] the cherry set we did. I love the little details that are really small and cutesy.

Bodice Jumpsuit

Smocked Off-The-Shoulder Top

Wrap Front Tie Skirt

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