Make-up artist reveals why you should always carry TWO different foundations in your make-up bag

For a make-up artist, having to carry around dozens of different colours and brands goes with the territory.

But apparently, us non-professionals should all invest in more than one go-to base.

It's mostly due to the fact that our skin tone changes – like the seasons – throughout the year.

No matter how much Factor 50 you slap on your face, it's very hard to avoid catching a slither of summer glow.

Make-up artist Fiona Stiles explained: "Even the most sun cautious can’t help but get a little colour during the summer months, it’s basically unavoidable."

"Having two shades lets you mix and match throughout the year so you have a shade when you’re at your palest and when you’re at your most tanned."

New York-based make-up artist Ingeborg reckons skin tone matching is very tricky with just one foundation.

Skin is also very fickle – one day it's dry, the next it's broken out into pimples.

Make-up artist Elisa Flowers chooses to mix up products to suit her skin's mood.

"I like to customise my foundation based on how my skin is doing that day," she said, pointing out that those of us with combination skin might go for a mattifying foundation on our T-zone and a moisturising one on drier areas like the cheeks.

Elisa uses Chanel's Vitalumière Aqua all over to even out her skin, and then adds a product with more effective coverage (like Make Up For Ever's Ultra HD Invisible Cover Stick) in the areas where she needs it.

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Might be worth stocking up on a couple of shades…

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