Man stunned when his mum texts him 'I've just kissed your dad' – seven years after bitter divorce

Vinnie Virgo revealed his mum texted him saying: "My parents divorced 7 years ago & started dating other ppl….they’re both recently single now & this is what my mom sent me last night."

He went onto release a screen grab of a message where his mum wrote: "I just kissed ya father lol… and it was goooooooood and he smelt mesmerising.

"I think I might just go get my man back."

Vinnie told how the break-up between his mum Katrina and dad Ivy had not been the happiest.

"A lil back story," he said. "They were together for 19 years…had a nasty break up….just started speaking to each other last year."

He continued: "She left him btw which is why I was shocked when she sent that."

Virgo added that his parents were delighted they'd gone viral and were now planning a lunch date.

He told the Press Association: "They wouldn’t even speak to each other the first couple of years. Me & my brothers had to relay messages.

"My mom was having issues with her ex boyfriend & called my dad to get relationship advice lol”.

People were delighted they had been reunited, offering their opinions on Twitter.

Bonnie said: "I think I might just go get my man back is a mood lmfao."

Ash added: "Alright mama! Go get your man back!"

Kofi said: "Your parents are about to fall in love before your eyes. You could attend your parents wedding, no event could ever top this. Keep us posted."


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