Mandy Moore Shares Details of Prosthetic Makeup on ‘This Is Us’ 

This Is Us is quite the tearjerker of a TV show — that’s not news. But, the fact that Mandy Moore’s makeup process to get into her character as Rebecca Pearson is also an emotion-testing ordeal, which the actress documented for her fans on Monday, July 23, might be.

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After finishing a day of filming, the recently-engaged Moore took to her Instagram story to capture the process of shedding her character once she’s done shooting her scenes — and it’s quite the saga. Moore is aged quite a bit for the show with expert use of prosthetics, rendering her youthful face liver-spotted and wrinkled, like her mature-aged character should be. This of course, takes a good deal of time at the start of the shoot day, but also at the end. In fact, according to Moore, it takes about 45 m to an hour longer for her to skedaddle after they wrap for the day.

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Why? Because removing prosthetics is a multi-step journey. Moore documented the process with cute snapshot vids in which she described that the makeup team uses a cream called Vanish and heat to help her prosthetic skin molt off her face. Once that is done, they repeat those steps until the fake skin is mostly off her face.

Given that this takes quite a bit of time and more importantly, can be a little irritating to Moore’s actual skin, the team employs Klorane Makeup Remover Water with Soothing Cornflower, because it is both gentle and effective at removing all remaining traces of Rebecca Pearson from the actress’ face.

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Curious to know more about Mandy’s This Is Us glam? You’re in luck. The show’s makeup artist Zoe Hay showed some of the product essentials she uses to create Rebecca’s look for Moore a few months ago — and included in the mix is glam essential Glossier Generation G lipstick. Find out the rest of the This Is Us makeup chair secrets here!


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