Massimo Alba Men’s Fall 2021

As showcased in a video filmed to present his fall collection, Massimo Alba chose the word “yes” as the mantra to embody the spirit of the season. For the designer, saying “yes” means opening ourselves to others; creating connections with people and objects around us, and discovering, in a moment when traveling far seems impossible, the exotic within proximity. This optimistic philosophy is connected to the designer’s signature desire to celebrate the beauty of a fashion that’s rooted in realism and dislikes costume-like efforts or logo homologation.

For Alba, fashion isn’t about a hot item or a seasonal trend — it’s about a personal style that might evolve but always remains consistent. For this reason, entering the designer’s showroom means a deep dive into a world where what stands out isn’t a specific design, but more a color sensibility, an overall sophistication in the treatment of materials and a sense of elegance.

For the next cold season, Alba delivered naturally brushed cashmere sweaters dyed to create charming tie-dye effects, as well as corduroy pants that were garment dyed and then washed to create beautiful shades. Plaid jackets were also garment dyed, while lightweight white shirts were printed on the back with images of Alba’s signature motifs, featuring sometimes ironic, sometimes poetic and romantic mottos.

Massimo Alba Men's Fall 2021

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