McDonald’s fans share their best McHacks to make your meal REALLY happy – including a foolproof way to get fresh chips

FROM the secret menu to unusual food combinations, there are plenty of McDonald’s hacks floating around on the Internet.

And now fans are sharing their very best tips for making every meal a really happy one.

Compiled by BoredPanda the hacks range from getting the freshest French fry every time to solutions to some life-long fast food grievances.

Some of them will even save you some cash, so you can get more burger for your buck.

Here we share some of the best McHacks on the web…

Order chips without salt

Why, you ask? Well in doing so the staff will be forced to cook a fresh batch as McDonald's fries are cooked in salt, meaning that you know your chips are fresh.

Simply ask for sachets on salt on the side – and be prepared to seriously annoy whoever is serving you.

Don’t order a sausage and egg McMuffin

Instead order a standard sausage McMuffin and egg as a side to save yourself a pretty penny.

Someone in the states tried this trick and posted a receipt of the proof with the deconstructed version costing 33 cents less than the standard version.

No table? No problem

Simply open up your burger or nugget box, revealing a small split down the seam of the box.

Feed the straw of your drink through the split so that the two open halves sit on top of your drinks cup.

Pour your fries into the empty side of the box, and voila! You have a portable tray table meaning you can enjoy your meal one handed.

And if you fancy nuggets in the car…

Then you need to try this hack! Pick up a McFlurry lid while in the restaurant as it makes the perfect vessel for a dipping sauce.

You can rest your sauce of choice in the lid and enjoy a perfectly saucy nug while getting from A to B – you’re welcome.

Build your own Big Mac

Rather than forking out £3.29 for a Big Mac instead opt for the cheaper £1.59 Double Cheeseburger.

Remove the ketchup and onions from your order, add a little lettuce and some Big Mac sauce (usually a 20p charge is given for sauce) and enjoy the iconic burger for almost half the price.

DIY chicken parm sandwich

Simply order a plain Chicken Legend and add some mozzarella sticks to your order, making sure you also pick up the salsa dip too.

Layer your dippers on top of the fried chicken before pouring the sauce over the top and sandwiching between the buns.

You will not regret this.

Forget the Happy Meal

One mum shared her tip when it comes to buying food for the kids.

Rather than buying each child separate Happy Meals she recommends picking up a box of 20 nuggets and a large fries for them to share.

The grand total will reach £6.38 but 20 nuggets in Happy Meal form would cost you over double that at £13.95.

McFlurry who?

When you next fancy a sweet treat under the golden arches do away with a lacklustre McFlurry.

Instead buy two cookies and sandwich them between an Oreo McFlurry for the perfect ice cream sandwich.


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