Meanswhile Men’s Spring 2021

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Naohiro Fujisaki won the Tokyo Fashion Award for 2020 and staged his first Tokyo Fashion Week runway show this season, although his brand has been around for several years. He incorporated influences from functional, outdoor clothes into his latest streetwear collection, which played with volume, proportion and asymmetry.

Roomy outerwear, baggy shorts and pants, and billowing ponchos came in a mostly neutral tones of black, gray, beige and khaki. These set off orange T-shirts, purple puffer jackets and a cropped poncho, and cargo pants and a coordinating jacket in a spicy red. Zip-off pant legs were sometimes worn scrunched up around the ankles, and drawstring arm covers were layered over jackets and coats.

While the show was repetitive, Fujisaki offered a cohesive and unique offering of new takes on some familiar styles.

Meanswhile RTW Spring 2021

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