Millennial women are getting filler in their THROAT to erase deep wrinkles caused by constantly looking down at their phone

Body Fixers’s Dr Tijion Esho’s said there has been a boom in women seeking the treatment due to excessive hours scrolling through Instagram or Whatsapp.

Even celebrities have been flocking for the procedure, and Dr Esho claims he gave Towie star Jess Wright two sessions spread over a month.

The tech neck treatment involves filler being injected into deep lines on the throat to reduce their appearance and stimulate collagen production.

With the average smartphone users looking at their handset around 150 times a day, the neck area has become a source of concern for many image-conscious individuals.

Dr Esho said to Femail: “Lines in the neck used to be a concern for ageing patients over time.

“Now, as a new generation use more and more technology, the position we hold our necks in continuously can bring about the early onset of these lines known as 'tech neck”.

The Harley Street doctor shared a video of him performing the procedure on blogger Charlotte Fisher.

Charlotte received 2ml of filler injection for her first appointment with Dr Esho but returned for the second session in the clip.

He said that the results can last up to a year, and he uses Profhilo rather than “normal” fillers such as hyaluronic acid as it is absorbed more easily and he claims improves the skin's quality.

He explained: “You need two sessions – one at Day 0 and the second at day 30, and at both sessions the Profhilo is injected into specific points in the neck known as BAP points.”

In the video, he can be seen marking up her next with three lines with varying crosses along them indicating the best spots for injecting.

Before and after shots revealed the reduction in the appearance of lines on Charlotte’s neck.

New research has found that Brits are so hooked on the web and apps they spend a day a week online.

They check their smartphones an average of every 12 minutes while awake, a report says.

It means they are online for an average of three hours and 26 minutes a day, longer than they typically spend watching broadcast TV.

Two-thirds say access to the internet is essential while most consider making calls on a phone less important than being able to get online.

Two in five check their phones within five minutes of waking.

Despite the boom in demand, a top plastic surgeon has warned that cosmetic fillers injected ANYWHERE in your face ‘could leave you blind’.

A desire to follow in the footsteps of the Kardahsian's and other full pouted celebs has given rise to a huge number of botched cosmetic ops, it has previously been claimed.

And a Kylie Jenner fan spent £41,000 on plastic surgery and has so much filler his lips BURST – and ignores family’s pleas to stop.

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