Mind-bending brainteaser challenges people to find 4 hidden objects & it’s driving the internet wild | The Sun

IN a busy picture depicting the hustle and bustle of city life, there are four hidden objects.

How quickly can you locate them in the crowded scene?

Cleverly tucked away in the image are a microphone, cigarette, football,and a pair of keys.

There are several people in the photo from different walks of life.

Among them is a distressed-looking office worker trying to cross the street, an enthusiastic student saying hi to a friend, and a chipper blue-collar worker on a ladder.

Two vehicles cover the roads, one of which houses a family and their young child who can be seen in a car seat.

Have you been able to spot any of the hidden objects in the picture?

If not, be sure to scroll a bit further for the reveal.

If you're looking to tackle more brainteasers, UK-based furniture company ScS has released a series of interior design-themed brainteasers.

In one of them, there is a hidden remote control among some furniture.

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It's said that only one-third of people can find the remote control in the sea of furniture in under 60 seconds.

The average time to locate the hidden remote control in the crowded image is 40 seconds.

Are you among the speedy one-third that can find the piece of technology?

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