Models with three boobs grace the catwalk at weird Milan Fashion Week show

We’ve seen models in terrifying gimp-mask and nothing but dollar bills and bare breasts on the catwalks recently.

But Milan Fashion week has gone one better – sending models with three boobs down the runway.

Italian fashion label GCDS modelled their rave-ready collection on women who were also sporting a prosthetic breast between their natural pair.

The triple-breasted sirens were dressed in luminous crop tops, mini skirts and utility harnesses for the bizarre show.

The idea was a glimpse into a Total Recall style future world when the human form has changed and the brand rules the world.

The 1990 Arnold Schwarzenegger movie famously featured a three-breasted hooker, who returned for the 2012 remake and was played by actress Kaitlyn Leeb.

The catwalk was illuminated with neon signs reading “GCDS Corp is your only God”.

The stunt certainly made us sit up and take notice – and we quite like some of the clothes too.

Let’s just hope they look just as good on someone with the usual complement of boobs.

Earlier this month Kendall Jenner was seen modelling Burberry at London Fashion Week.

But Victoria Beckham was the centre of attention as she hosted her first LFW event and revealed why hubby David was not usually allowed to attend her catwalk shows.


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