Move over balyage and dip dye, strandlighting is here for our next hair goals

With the never-ending aim of achieving natural-looking sun-kissed locks, it was only a matter of time before a new method emerged.

As the name suggests, it uses individual strands or slivers of hair to avoid those 90s, chunky highlights.

The colouring is intended to mimic the natural highlights we get from the sun.

Looking as natural as possible, the idea is the colour blends in seamlessly with the rest of your colour.

While ombre was a two-tone affair, and dip-dying is on the noticeable side of highlights, strandlighting and balyage have their subtlety in common.

But while balyage uses a freehand method to achieve a softer, less uniform finish, strandlighting is more precise.

It uses foil, like most dyes, but the technician uses considerably less hair than a traditional highlight job.

The hairdresser selects a few strands of hair to colour at a time, so the finished product blends in with your hair while giving it the desired glow.

Using finer sections of hair, its effects are intended to be less stark and blocky.

And using less hair means less bleach, and ultimately equals less damage.

The technique is taking off, with thousands of posts on Instagram hashtagged strandlighting.

Hairdresser and salon owner Liz Haven has been showing off her skills online, and captioned a strandlighting video: “Just over here mimicking nature."

“This strandlighting technique details any color story to sun-kissed perfection.

“The way the sun lightened our hair when we were kids will always be my inspiration."

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