I moved my boyfriend in with my husband and two kids, 8 and 4, and now we’re getting a divorce

Speaking to The Cut Arielle Greenberg revealed how, after 12 years of marriage, she and husband Rob decided to have an open relationship.

It happened not long after the birth of her last child, following discussions between her and Rob.

But, following the arrival of boyfriend Mike, they are now set to divorce – and she is going to marry Mike.

Explaining her unusual situation, she told how – before embarking on a polygamous relationship – she and Rob watched Big Love – an American TV drama about a man with three wives, nine children and three homes.

She explained: "We [me and Rob] loved each other very much but we’d never been a perfect match in terms of sexual compatibility. I told him that I didn’t think our marriage was big enough for my new sexual curiosity."

Arielle started dating Mike, while her husband began dating a woman.

Then, after around two years, Mike moved near to where she and Rob lived – and subsequently moved in with them and their two children, then six and eight.

Initially he was in a small bedroom, furthest away from the family, but quickly moved to a bigger bedroom closer to the action.

Mike and Rob got on well, Arielle said, and loved watching basketball together.

Her children saw it as "a perfectly normal way of living," she said.

But now Rob has decided to move out and the couple are intending to divorce with Mike and Arielle marrying – but they won't be monogamous.

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