Mrs Hinch inspired cleaning sensation, 20, reveals how to make grubby shower matt look 'good as new' using soda crystals

MRS Hinch may have an army of fans – but there's one cleaning guru who even she follows for top tips.

Curtis Kelly reveals his hacks include a genius tip of scrubbing a grubby bathmat clean with a cupful of soda crystals – and among his fans is the queen of pristine herself.

The 20-year-old from Newtownards, Ireland, started sharing his cleaning tips last year while recovering from a spinal injury, having broken his back falling from a ladder onto concrete.

For Curtis, cleaning was something to do while he waited to go back to work, after being told he would be 'laid up for weeks' and was not allowed to drive.

In just three weeks, he had wracked up almost 2,000 followers – and he now has a fan club bursting at the seams with nearly 18k members.

His latest cleaning hack is a big hit with all his followers, helping them clean their shower or bath mats with the help of just three ingredients.

Curtis is well aware that the non-slip mats are well known for collecting limescale, dirty soap water and grime, non-slip mats can harbour dirt and bacteria.

He told BelfastLive: "I put it in the washing machine. I use one standard washing machine tablet, one cup of soda crystals and then I pour some bleach directly into the drum.

"This helps to lift any limescale or dirt that the mat has picked up."

Speaking to Birmingham Live about his love for cleaning, Curtis said: "My mum tells me that from no age I was running about the house with my little cleaning trolly cleaning up behind people."

"It's just something I've always been into – so when I saw Mrs Hinch making her Instagram account, I thought 'why not'."

While the king of cleaning is busy coming up with affordable tips to keep he and his mum's house pristine, he often takes the time to share his top tricks with fans.

Here are a few of Curtis' other top cleaning tips that he told to BelfastLive, and are sure to help you keep your home fresh and tidy.

Ridding of harsh kitchen smells

After cooking a garlic-filled dish or when the bin is getting full of old food, the kitchen can sometimes start to smell a little less than fresh.

But Curtis has a quick 15 minute hack that gets rid of the smell in no time, replacing it with the lovely aroma of your favourite laundry softener.

He said: "Add one capful of Lenor, dilute the rest with water and put into a pan. Leave this on a slow simmer for 15-20 minutes."

Keeping your mop free of germs

If you love your cleaning, your mop can go through a lot cleaning all sorts of dirty surfaces – and Curtis knows it's important to keep it clean.

"When finished using my mop I like to steep it in boiling water with a capful of Zoflora disinfectant.

"This works as a disinfectant so erases any germs or bacteria hiding in the mop, and keeps it fresh for every use."

Reaching those hard-to-get places

In every home there are hard-to-reach areas which make cleaning a little tricky, like in between cupboard doors, hinges and especially in the seal of your fridge.

But Curtis uses an everyday household item to help him ensure even the smallest of places is kept clean.

He said: "Any hard to reach or niggly areas in your fridge, get a cotton bud and your cleaning product, and just get it right into any areas that your sponge won’t reach.

"By doing this your catching any bacteria or germs that are hiding in small areas that the eye may not see!"

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