M&S are selling a Colin the Caterpillar cake the size of a small baby

A Colin the Caterpillar cake is a classic, a Marks & Spencer’s staple beloved by everybody and frequently found at birthday parties for the young and old.

But what if we were a way to make the classic cake even better? Well there is, and that’s supersize it. Luckily M&S are answering our prayers and have decided to sell a colossal 2kg version of the cake for £40.

The huge cake should feed 40 people and is available to order here , but will be ready in seven days.

The website describe the cake as, ‘Colin has just got even bigger! A giant chocolate sponge roll filled with chocolate buttercream, covered in milk chocolate with a decorated white chocolate face and sugar coated milk chocolate beans finished with a personalised leaf decoration.’ He can even be iced with a message of your choice.

If you’re planning on throwing a big summer party, you couldn’t go wrong with a mega-Colin.

Bit too much food? You can pick up some mini Colin’s here for £12 , or the romantics amongst us can pick up a Connie the Bride Wedding Cake for £50 .

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