Mum, 21, dies days before baby's 1st birthday after docs 'mistake signs of brain aneurysm for a headache'

A MUM died just days before her daughter’s first birthday after doctors mistook signs of a deadly brain aneurysm for a migraine, her family claims.

Zipporah Agyei began suffering agonising headaches in October last year but was told repeatedly by her GP that she was probably having migraines.

The 21-year-old, from Wembley in London, died within weeks of being referred to hospital after calling NHS 111 because she couldn’t open her right eye.

Her devastated mum, Vivien Adu-Sarfo, said: “We’re devastated. She was a wonderful girl, a doting mother and daughter.”

Zipporah was taken to Ealing Hospital in Southall after calling 111 and, fearing she was having a stroke, doctors transferred her to Charing Cross Hospital in an ambulance.

Scans on October 25 revealed she had two brain aneurysms – bulges in her blood vessels caused by a weakness in the vessel wall.

Two days later, on October 27, she had surgery to clip the aneurysms where doctors use a tiny metal clip to clamp down on the vessel to stop it from bursting.

But the clamps and Zipporah was taken into intensive care.

Her best friend Imani Muhammed, 20, said: “when we saw her, she was in intensive care, in an induced coma.

“It was so upsetting. She woke up a few days later, but was still very ill.”

On November 14, during a second round of surgery to repair the damage in her brain, Zipporah died.

It is not yet clear what caused the aneurysms.

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