Mum, 24, has a baby with her 54-year-old boyfriend and raves how sex with him is BETTER than with younger guys

Wesleigh, 24, and Vince, 54, met each other online and have been together for three years.

Vince is divorced and has a son from his previous marriage who is two years older than his new wife – but that didn't stop the couple from starting a romance.

Wesleigh, of Little Rock, Arkansas, said she was always interested in older men and was looking for a protective, older male figure to fill the emotional void left after her father passed away when she was a child.

Westleigh said: “Sex with an older man is better, that is something that you don’t get from somebody your age, they don’t really care or they just assume that they are doing it right and women are very complex creatures.”

Vince added: “Wesleigh is very intimate, she is very loving, she treats me like a man, she makes sure that all of my needs are met, she also makes me feel loved which is very important, sex without love is not really a connection.”

The 54-year-old admitted hewas initially attracted her to wife’s appearance – and shared devotion to Disney.

He explained: “I was attracted to her blonde hair, she had a beautiful smile and then, of course, she used the word Disney in her profile and I thought ‘Well, she has to be a Disney fan, otherwise everything is off, because I’m kind of a Disney aficionado.’”

Wesleigh said that she has never been attracted to men of her age and has only dated older men.

She added: “I wasn’t really interested in what a man of my age could offer me family-wise and when I met Vince I fell in love with him because he is a different type of man.”

Vince has never dated significantly younger women and admitted this is his first age gap relationship.

He said: “I have never really thought that it would be a long-term thing.

“There were some things in my previous marriage that were lacking and I felt that a younger girl would be able to provide those for me but at the time I didn’t realise that I was going to fall so hard for Wesleigh.”

Wesleigh’s mother, Paige – who is only a year younger than her son-in-law – said that it took her a while to get used to her daughter’s husband, even though she knew that Wesleigh has always been interested in older men.


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Paige said: “Wesleigh has never done anything by the book.

"You want your kids to comply but you want them to do their own thing and find their own place."

The couple admitted their romance has raised some eyebrows.

Wesleigh said: “A lot of middle-aged women think that I am with Vince just for money, because of the way I look.

“I feel like if I look different than your typical cheerleader or girl next door then we probably wouldn’t get as many nasty looks.”

Vince added: “To be someone younger, especially that much,  it’s not the norm and when things are not the norm many people will feel uncomfortable, just don't want to associate with you.”

Doctors told the couple they may have trouble having children. So when Wesleigh fell pregnant, it was a very pleasant surprise for both parents.

Wesleigh said that motherhood has changed her.

Vince is divorced and has a 26-year-old son, Jeff, who, according to the couple, gets along very well with his new stepmother.

Sex with an older man is better, that is something that you don’t get from somebody your age, they don’t really care or they just assume that they are doing it right and women are very complex creatures.

Speaking about what the future might bring, Vince said: “Having the age gap and knowing that I have a young wife and a very young daughter at my age, the depressing part for me is the fact that I won’t be able to see her as a grown up and maybe I won’t be able to see her having children.”

The Disney-obsessed couple, who insist age is just a number, say they complete each one.

Wesleigh said: “I have somebody that is constantly guiding me in the right direction. If I need advice I don’t really need to go to my mom, I can go to Vince.

"I have somebody there to constantly provide support for me, which I wouldn’t get if I was with somebody of my own age.”

Vince added: “I have a number of different hats now as supposed to just being a husband, I kind of feel like I am a mentor.

"I feel like I can teach and bring items into Leslie’s life that I have gone through and my experiences to somewhat make her a better person.”

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