Mum asks if daughter’s six-year-old friend is a 'cheapskate’ for making a card and giving her a free toy

A parent has sought advice over whether she is overreacting to what the child offered as a present.

Posting a threat on Mumsnet entitled: “Cheapskate friend AIBU? [am I being unreasonable]”, where she explained the situation.

It was her daughter’s birthday recently, and she held a party for her.

She said: “Her friend turned up with a free toy from a magazine as a present.

“The card was a crumpled folded over bit of scrap paper that was drawn on.

“(It was a scribble that I couldn’t even tell what it was supposed to be. The girl is 6).”

Saying she knows it’s the ‘thought that counts’, she adds: “When my daughter makes cards for her friends I say it’s to be neat and you’ve to make it your best job because a birthday is special.

“I wouldn’t allow her to pass off a scribble that would take her 5 minutes.

“I know all kids abilities are different but I know her friend and have seen her drawings etc.

“And as for the free toy, I feel it’s cheapskate. I honestly don’t care the value of gifts!

“Another friend made her a friendship band and I think that’s lovely to give homemade gifts. And another gave a colouring book.”

In response to her thread, Mumsnetters have been livid and claimed the woman has come off in a bad light.

One person responded: “Wow. Grabby, unpleasant and downright mean! You, that is!”

Another warned: “Careful your snootiness doesn't stop people attending her next party.”

This person wrote: “Yes you are being unreasonable. And snobbish, mean spirited and shallow.”

A lot of people thought she was quick to pass judgement when she didn’t know the family’s situation.

One wrote: "So many people live in poverty these days even if it's not always apparent."

This poster said: “You don't know their financial circumstances. I went through a dire struggle with money a few years back and it was to the point where I even had to budget 25p for a packet of noodles.

“When you're totally on the bread line £1 is a lot of money.”

But some people sided with the woman, with this person saying: “I agree with you op [original poster] but my advice is say nothing and no few people are that poor in Britain today that they cannot afford a 2 pound gift – if they are that poor then don't attend.”



That comment led to anger, with someone replying: “That’s the spirit. 2018 Britain, ladies and gentlemen.

“If you’re poor, you’re going to have a lot of doors shut in your face.

“Might as well have the first of those be at a friend’s party, when you’re six. Unbelievable.”

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