Mum fed up with cheap paddling pools breaking buys one meant for DOGS for £39 – and claims kids love it

A MUM who was fed up with constantly having to fork out for new paddling pools has revealed she's invested in one meant for dogs instead – just in time for the warmer months.

Summertime is all about playing in the garden in a paddling pool or with a hose, but Helen Godden-Wood was sick of ‘cheap’ pools which broke quickly. 

Helen, a childminder, decided to splash out on a pool for pets instead, which she claims can withstand the rough and tumble of children playing in them all day. 

She shared her idea to Facebook group Family Lockdown Tips and Tricks, where she’s been hailed as a ‘genius’. 

Helen wrote: “I recently posted this on my own Facebook but with such a wide audience on this group I thought it may be worth sharing!

“I got so fed up of buying cheap plastic paddling pools for them to burst and have to be replaced, such a waste for our environment! 

“I therefore recently purchased this one from amazon, it’s actually for pets and is therefore super durable, I got the xxl size and it’s plenty big enough! 

“I work as a childminder and I’ve had 4 children enjoying it over the last few days! I highly recommend.” 

Helen picked up the pet pool from Amazon, on sale for £39, which comes in three different sizes. 

  • Foldable Pet Dog Paddling Pool, Amazon, £39.49 – buy now

Describing the pool, Amazon says: “This pet swimming pool can be used both indoors and outdoors; not only a tub to bath your pets, but can be used for medicated bathing; can be filled with water, sand or sea balls to built a great entertainment for kids and pets to have fun outdoors.”

More than 1,600 people liked her post, agreeing that the pools they buy also seem to be flimsy and prone to breaking as well. 

One person said: “I just ordered one of these yesterday, can't wait for it to arrive today! So sick of the inflatable one keeps getting holes so annoying!”

Another wrote: “Genius! I've wondered about this – ours get demolished in seconds.”

A third commented: “Thanks for the share my dogs has popped three paddling pools for the kids now.”

Someone else raved: “Great tip mine just burst!”

While this person added: “What a great idea!!”

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