Mum finds secret room hidden behind a bookcase during house viewing and jokes it’s the perfect place to escape her kids

THERE'S nothing quite like finding some time to unwind without the kids hassling you about something.

And one woman was pretty thrilled when she stumbled across a secret hideaway while viewing a home.

Posting on TikTok, the US-based mum named Sabrina revealed that she was house hunting when she came across a hidden room.

Assuming it was extra storage hidden behind a bookcase, she opened it up to reveal a flight of stairs which led to a huge secret space.

The current owners appear to be using it as the kids' play room as it's littered with tubs of Lego and various toys.

But Sabrina admitted she'd "keep it a secret from the kids so I can go eat my snacks alone".

The clip has racked up over 430k likse with many gushing over the mystery room.

While some agreed that it would make the perfect "hang out spot" for mum and dad, others suggested they'd make it their bedroom – far away from everyone else.

"I wouldn't mind making it my bedroom, "one person wrote.

And another said: "That would be my hangout spot."

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