Mum lets her daughter break school uniform rules ‘for her own good’ – but totally divides opinion

A MUM has sparked a heated debate online after letting her daughter break school uniform rules.

The mum and parenting blogger, Cheree Lawrence shared the post on her Facebook page, Oh so busy mum.

The mum-of-four from Brisbane wrote: "School rule: Black school shoes only! No coloured ticks or markings.

"My kid: White shoes with a tick."

Cheree shared an image of the trainers she allowed her daughter to wear, which received over one thousand comments from users of the social media site.

The tongue in cheek post garnered a flurry of responses from other parents who were unimpressed by the mum's flaunting of the rules.

Cheree explained that she allowed her daughter to wear the white Nike trainers to school as the high shoes provided ankle support.

But her explanation did little to stop the backlash, which Cheree described as 'ridiculous'.

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One user said: “The amount of parents in this post who are happy for their children to disobey simple school rules is why kids these days have no respect for authority and this is just sad. What example are you all setting for your children?”

"We choose the schools and therefore choose their rules. We should enforce them at home by providing the correct uniform." Another argued.

A third person said: "I guess if it’s a school rule as your post states. I’d be encouraging the kids to follow the rules not just the ones they/you want to."

Cheree saw the funny side to the backlash writing: "It’s interesting to read all of them and see how we all parent so differently.

I don’t mind anyone commenting even if you are outraged or think she’s heading for a life of crime (if any of my children are, it will definitely be her)."

She updated users on whether her daughter did in fact get in trouble at school, writing her 'little criminal rule breaker' didn't get in trouble for wearing them.

Other mums agreed with Cheree, one wrote: "I have sent 6 children to school (all finished school now, thank god). My children went to school with shoes that were comfortable, affordable, safe and what they liked. They all have respect for authority and rules. These values are taught at home, not by conforming to an ideology that is based on sheep mentality."

"I get it. As a parent you pick your battles, and this isn't one of them." Another user commented.

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