Mum mortified after her daughter takes vibrating sex ring on the school bus thinking it’s a toy & gives it to her friend

A MUM was left very red-faced after her daughter took her vibrating penis ring into school after confusing it for a toy.

The embarrassed woman shared the awkward exchange she had with another school mum after her little one GIFTED the toy to a classmate.

Taking to a Facebook group, the woman shared a screen shot of the toe-curling exchange between her and her fellow mum.

The conversation starts with a message from the woman saying: "Hey xxx gave this to xxx on the bus today?", accompanied by a snap of the rubber ring laid out on a paper towel.

She finished the awkward message by adding "She might been in your stuff lol."

Most would agree it's the LAST message you want to receive when your phone flashes up with a new notification.

And clearly taken aback, the mum responded: "Wow, I am mortified!!! I don't even know what to say.

"I am so sorry! I can assure you though that it was NOT used!"

Continuing to justify herself, she wrote: "We just got a four-pack and I just went to check and one was missing.

"She probably thought it was a ring."

The mums quickly saw the funny side joking that "this is one for the books" and jesting that "Thank God it wasn't show and tell today."

And the wider Facebook community also saw the funny side.

Many flooded the comments section to say they were "dead" from laughing so much.

While others shared their own stories of similar mishaps.

One recounted: "My son came out when he was two waving my dildo around like a sword."

Before musing "Kids do crazy s***."

And another shared: " I have a golden retriever that likes to carry things to visitors to get attention.

"He brought our vibrator to the door to greet our neighbour."

Some even doubted the veracity of the original poster's reassurance that it was not used, writing: "I love how it's on a paper towel. xxx's mom was NOT buying that it wasn't used."

Another joked: "What gets me is that the actual ring looks stretched.

"It's used one time and p*** quality or used a s*** ton of times and too stretched."

And another agreed: " I like how it's all laid out on a piece of toilet paper like you know that b*** was disgusted and probably made her kid bathe in hand sanitizer after that."

One thing's guaranteed, the mum will take more care when hiding her personal items in future!

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