Mum-of-two chops up all her vegetables for the whole YEAR – including 20kg of potatoes, 15kg of carrots and 10kg of onions

A MUM-of-two has showed off her impressive meal prep skills after filling her freezer with frozen vegetables, which she intends to feed her family with for a whole YEAR.

The Australian ex-chef shared a photo of her giant freezer to Facebook, displaying how she'd used every inch of space to fill it with zip-lock bags of 65kgs worth of veg.

Included in her selection were 15kgs of carrots, 20kgs of potatoes, 15kgs of sweet potatoes and 10kgs of tomatoes, with pumpkins and zucchini thrown in for good measure.

"Veg prep for what feels like the next year," she wrote next to the impressive picture, detailing she bought all the food for just £45 at a wholesale market.

Listing the ingredients, she detailed her chopping methods: "Carrots: sliced, roast chucks and chopped. Potatoes: chunks, sliced and diced for mash. Onions: sliced, chunks and onion rings.

"I do it so I don't have to waste time every night chopping up veg for dinner, as we all work and I have university and the two kids have after school sports.

"It's not pre-cooked, just raw, and the roast vegetables turn out great. Just thaw them out the night before – and the diced up vegetables are perfect for the slow cooker and spaghetti etc."

She added that as long as the onions are tightly zipped up, there won't be any unwanted smells to worry about in the freezer, either.

And mums were impressed, with many taking to the post to leave comments like: 'Now that's being organised' and simply, 'wow'.

Others were inspired and vowed to try the method, saying: "Thanks for sharing. I was thinking I need to meal prep on the weekend and this  is a great way to be organised and eat healthier."

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