Mum refuses to wear 'sexist' engagement rings because it suggests she 'belongs' to a man… so what do you think?

Writing for the BBC, media strategist Matilde Suescún argued the diamond sparklers suggest a woman "belongs" to her fiance or husband.

Matilde, who is divorced and lives with her current partner, said: "I believe engagement rings are anti-feminist – signifying that the woman with the ring belongs to another person.

"They are also a way of signifying status: the bigger the diamond, the greater apparent value they give to the woman wearing it."

The Columbian-born woman confessed most of her friends in the United States, where she now lives, disagree with her – and even her daughter "makes fun of" her point of view.

She added: "The whole ritual of proposing marriage bothers me. The pantomime of a man kneeling down and asking for a woman's hand seems absurd to me.

"It puts her in a passive role, and asking her in a very public way – such as live on stage or in front of cameras – makes her even more vulnerable. It really is an eccentric act."


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Neither of Matilde's ex-husbands proposed, and she insists she would have "started laughing" if they had. Instead, they came to a "mutual decision" to marry.

She explained: "I am concerned that society and the media seems to educate girls to dream, from when they are young, about the man who, to quote Beyonce, will 'put a ring on it'.

"Those girls then grow up with this idea that married life will then solve all their problems.

"Instead of just aspiring to marriage and a ring, I think girls should aspire to be independent, to study and develop, to seek happiness for themselves."

Matilde says she's been labelled a radical feminist who's killing romance after expressing similar views in her native Columbia.

But she insists she's still a romantic and pro-marriage at heart, viewing it as a profound commitment of loyalty and love to your partner.

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