Mum reveals hilarious way son forged her signature on his homework diary – and it’s not subtle at all

WHEN it comes to getting the kids ready for school, there's plenty that gets forgotten about like grabbing packed lunches off the side or picking up that freshly-washed PE kit when you're heading out the door.

For one mum, she forgot to sign her son's homework diary – a weekly chore on the school list – and desperate not to get into trouble, he decided to take matters into his own hands.

Posting in Facebook group Family Lowdown Tips & Ideas, the mum was highly amused when her son told her he'd had no choice but to forge her signature.

The only problem was his attempt to do so was not so subtle and she was convinced he was going to be busted by his teacher.

Sharing a photo of her son's efforts, the mum joked: "When your son says Mum I had to forge your signature because you didn't sign my homework diary!

"I'm guessing they may suspect it wasn't actually me who signed it."

Instead of creatively signing her name on the dotted line, the boy had simply penned "mum".

Her post left hundreds of fellow parents thoroughly entertained, as they commented on the post online.

"Good try young man! 10/10 for effort," said one amused mum.

Another wrote: "I laughed so hard at this!!!! Brilliant!!!!"

A third posted: "'Mum' that is brilliant, you need to keep this forever."

Others could relate, as they revealed their sneaky kids have previously done exactly the same thing.

"Literally my daughters diary last week when I looked in it," commented one mum.

One more joked: "My daughter got asked if she was signing her own reading log when it was actually my writing."

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