Mum reveals how she’s taught daughter to safely fall off furniture from six months old & every parent needs to know this

KIDS love exploring and climbing on furniture as the grow more independent, but it does mean you are often left in a panic, running around after them making sure they are safe.

One mum, KC, has shared on her Instagram page, milestones.and.motherhood an amazing way to teach children how to do it safely and with more independence.

KC shared to her Instagram that as soon as her daughter became interested in climbing furniture and stairs she began to implement teaching him how to do it safely.

The caption reads: "I know stairs and furniture safety can be intimidating.

"We often avoid it because the worry of an accident can be so overwhelming.

"But what if, instead, we started teaching our babies the safe way as soon as they are mobile?

"I promise, they will get it, & it'll be one less thing for us to worry about as parents!"

In the video, it starts by showing her baby at 6-months-old, and demonstrates that she is completely dependent on her mum to get down safely.

As she helps him climb off the chair she rotates him on his belly so that he can slide off the furniture, with her support.

The second half of the video shows her child at 11-months-old, getting off of the sofa and she instantly uses the technique her mum has taught her.

Mum is of course, still closely supervising her daughter as she climbs the furniture.

She writes: " As soon as your little one is on the move, teach them to flip to their bellies and slide down off furniture. You can apply this to the stairs too, if it works for you!"

Parents viewing the video loved the idea and wished they had thought of it sooner.

One user said: "Bubs been doing this since just before nine months! He had to learn the hard way though."

Another wrote: "Because of your video I started this with my daughter around the same age! People are amazed how she can get onto the furniture and off of it, as well as up and down the stairs – with supervision on both fronts. This is one of the best tips!"

A third replied: "Never would've thought to do this when they first start out. Wish I would've found your page 3 kiddos ago! But applying a lot of what you teach with my 4th!"

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