Mum shares ahack which will stop kids from ever losing their marker lids again & it's SO easy


A BUSY took to TikTok to reveal her nifty hack in how to stop your children from losing the tops of their markers.

TikTok user Shannon Doherty, who posts under @athomewithshannon, racked up over 15K views showing how she uses masking tape to help stop kids mixing up or losing the tops of their markers.

Right in time for the return to school, the mum-of-four explained:
“Are your kids always losing the tops of your markers or mixing them up? I have a hack for that!

“When you get a new batch of markers, grab some masking tape.”
“Put the masking tape over the top of the markers and never lose your marker tops again.”

The mum, who has 28.8 million likes on the social media platform received a very positive response to the hack in the comments section:

“That is so dang smart” commented one woman while another TikTok user responded “love this one.

It also seems like the mums idea is already going viral with one person commenting “So this is where my teacher got this idea.”

Shannon shares a range of hacks that are helpful to mothers or people with children on her TiKTok platform that has 1.1 million followers.

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