Mum shares genius hack for picking her son’s Lego off the floor

Any parent will know that stepping on piece of Lego without shoes is an extremely painful experience.

The blocks can be time-consuming to clear up, and there’s always a chance you can miss one only to step on it later.

Sick of the daily struggle and sore feet, one mum has come up with a time-saving solution for clearing up Lego.

Ange Dobbin shared her brilliant idea on Kmart Mums Australia Facebook page.

She posted: “Went and bought a pooper scooper today and it's the best $8 [£4.59] I have spent for picking up my son's Lego.”

The post was liked more than 1,000 times, with other mums eager to copy the nifty trick.

The Mail Online quoted other parents' comments, with one saying: “BEST KMART HACK EVER!

“So doing that this week!”

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While another even offered up an alternative use, writing: “I use mine for NERF bullets too.”

Normally used to pick up pet poop,  plastic scoopers are widely sold in the UK or online.

Store Pets at Home sells a Dog Poop Shovel for just £5 with had a handy claw design – perfect for Lego.

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