Mum shares super simple clothes hanging hack that saves her HOURS on laundry days

A MUM has shared her very simple clothes hanger hack that will save you hours on laundry day.

Carol Larson, 29, from Canada, took to TikTok where she shared her tip which quickly went viral, amassing over six million views.

The mum-of-three says she’s “here to save you time and sanity in the mundane tasks of life.”

In the video the Carol can be seen looping her arm through the necks of seven T-shirts.

She then takes seven coat hangers and simply slips each T-shirt off her arm and onto the hanger in a swift motion, rather than hanging them all up individually.

Her followers were seriously impressed with the video receiving over one million likes, and thousands of comments from those thanking her for sharing the hack.

Commenting on the video one wrote: “Witchcraft!!!! I am trying this tonight.”

“I’ve been living my life on hard mode all this time,” agreed another, while a third added, “I’m flabbergasted.”

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