Mum shows off her hilariously organised medicine cabinet with relatable labels including ‘stop the poop’ and ‘man flu’

SOME medical terms can be pretty tricky to navigate, so rummaging through a medical cabinet trying to find a cure to your health problem can prove difficult at times.

But a clever mum seems to have solved the common problem and showed off her extremely organised medicine stash with a hilarious labelling system making it easy for her children and partner to understand.

The Aussie nurse shared her storage idea online and said: "I’m a nurse so this is a good as it gets here. Works well."

She has used a plastic storage container that has 20 transparent pull-out drawers – allowing her to easily categorise it's contents.

Labelling each section,she started with basics like antibiotics, iron supplements and hydralite sachets for hangovers and dehydration.

For the more complex medicines that her family might not understand, such as "lorastyne" and "'mebendazole', she included a second, more simplified description – which all families can relate to.

"Lorastyne" she described is for being "allergic to people", while "mebendazole" is to soothe an "itchy a**hole."

But our personal favourite is "loperamide" which she says is to "stop the poo" – now that's something both kids and husbands could understand.

Other sections include cold and flu tablets, which she says should only be used to treat "man flu".

And explaining antihistamines that're used to treat allergies and insomnia, "phenergan" and "doxylamine",she simply wrote "ZZZ" to indicate the tablets putting you straightto sleep.

The post in the Organising Ideas Australia Facebook group has been liked by over 2k people, with many saying they were now inspired to make their own.

"Oh my God I needed this, thank you!", one person said, " The medicine cupboard has always been one I've struggled with, this is perfect."

And another said: 'I need to do something like this. I'm a nurse too, and now my toddler can reach my medicine drawer.

"Plus in emergencies it's hard to find things and even though I organise it, my husband just messes it up again."

Meanwhile a third added: "This is genius. Made my evening."

While the mum's organised ways were enough to impress many, it was her use of words and simple descriptions that won over the internet.

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