Mum shows off massive cleaning product haul her kids got her for Mother’s Day but gets brutally slammed for stockpiling

A MUM has been slammed for showing off the haul of cleaning products she got for Mother’s Day with people calling her ‘selfish’ for stockpiling. 

She shared snaps of her kitchen with numerous bottles of cleaning products covering every inch of the countertop. 

Among the stash was also sponges, fabric conditioner, dishwasher tablets and air fresheners, along with giant cards. 

She posted the photo of her Mother’s Day presents to Facebook group Zoflora Addicts, saying: “Happy Mother's Day to all the mums out there my girls know my best [sic].”

The mum added she preferred cleaning products over flowers or chocolate, and was “over the moon” with her gifts.

But while the post has racked up nearly 1,000 likes, people slammed her for being “selfish” and “ignorant” for stockpiling so much amid the coronavirus pandemic. 

One person said: “Sorry but I wouldn't have posted a pic of all that cleaning stuff when in some places it's hard to get hold of, it just feels like rubbing everyone's nose in it I would have kept it private for now

Another wrote: “Sorry that's really lovely that your children did that but why on earth would you think posting a picture was a good idea.”

While a third commented: “What people aren’t understanding on this post is it’s not the fact she’s been bought this, but plastering on social media when people who are at home with COVID-19 can’t even get a bottle of bleach because people are stockpiling. 

“It’s just insensitivity, enjoy it, just don’t flaunt it at the moment.”

But some people defended the mum, with one person saying: “So much negativity ……. what happened to Be Kind? 

“Not that she should have to but she's already said further up that her children have been buying for months!

“Don't start a witch hunt… she's just showing appreciation to her children I very much doubt she was rubbing it in anyone's face.”

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