Mum spends a whopping £4K painting a galactic ‘black hole’ on her kitchen floor as she wanted a ‘statement home’

WHEN you move into a new place, it's only natural to want to put your own stamp on it.

And one person who knows a little something about this is mum-of-two Fiona Cochrane – who has spent £4,000 creating a galactic "black hole" on her kitchen floor.

The mum, from Chatnam, Kent, wanted a quirky space-themed kitchen that reflected her and her son's personalities.

So the mum reached out to 23-year-old Saffet – who owns Redesign Resin- for help creating a statement floor design.

Fiona said: "We live in a big house with lots of history and large rooms. I don’t really know where it started and I keep asking myself – where on earth did I get this crazy idea from?

"The space floor is such good fun and makes me smile every time I go into the kitchen now – it has totally transformed the space. It feels bigger and funky and it’s out of this world."

After posting photos of her galactic kitchen floor online, Fiona has been blown away by the positive response – and Saffet is now booked up with orders.

Fiona said: "A lot of people have commented on it saying how amazing and different it is. I’ve got people that want the same thing in their homes already, so I think Saffet is going to have a very full order-book. He can do anything!"

"We have quite a funky family which is why we wanted to create such a big statement in the kitchen".

Explaining how he created the quirky floor, Saffet said: "The floor was covered in about 15 years of thick layers of adhesive – it took me three days to sand it down to the concrete.

"Once that is cleared I put my first coat of resin down which sinks into the concrete; then I put a glossy black coat of resin down which gives it real depth for the space floor to come alive.

"Then another black coat on top of that which is thick and glossy; and then I bought the spray artist in and we both decided to create the black hole."

Fiona told the designer that she was inspired to create a space-themed floor because it "represents the centre of their universe" as they've "built everything in this home and this is where it all started."

"It has a sentimental value to them as well, and that’s what I love about the whole project.

"There is definitely more to come – it has really inspired me to be creative with future designs."

For more quirky floors, check out Redesign Resin on Instagram.

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