Mums reveal the most embarrassing things their sons have said about their willies… so can you relate?

Despite learning technical skills such as how to change a nappy, kiss a bruise better and simultaneously whip a meal and fold laundry, life still throws up surprises.

As kids get older and become more independent, it also means their curiosity and inquisitiveness grows.

All parents know one day they will face awkward questions such as where do babies come from, but it seems if you have a boy you have an extra topic to cover.

Mums have revealed the funniest things their little ones have said about their own little ones.

Commenting on Facebook, a post from The Unmumsy Mum racked up more than 1,000 replies as other mums shared their own hilarious and cringe worthy comments.

She originally posted: “Things I never read in a parenting manual #726:

“Toddler boys may play with themselves and then say, "Look Mummy! I made it big!"

This mum shared: “I caught my boy balancing his balls on his cereal spoon.
“I had no words to share with him at that point….just left him on his own for a while…he then proceeded to finish his cereal with said spoon.”

Another said: “My three year old said last night (as he was pulling it back) "look, this is my Winky and the thing at the end is its brain".

“Me and the hubby just rolled about laughing.”

This mum added: “My little boy said once "look mummy it's like a cucumber" ooh and lots of laughter the other day while lying in the bath and "it" was pointing to ceiling….”

This proud boy said: “My son told my mam and nana he has a 'transformer willy' because it goes bigger. I’m glad I wasn’t there.”

One mum added: “My boy didn't want to brush his teeth this morning, told him he had to and stood there with him.

"You're only being mean because you're jealous you don't have a willy like me.”

This mum had some sound advice for her son, saying: “My response to "My willy's gone big and it won't go small again!" is always "Well, just stop thinking about it and it will go back to normal'.

"Which, let's be honest, is good advice at any age!”

At least this youngster is honest, with one mum revealing: “I asked my two year old if he was playing with his willy (while sitting next to me on the sofa) he replied "no, my balls."

Not just as a toddler, but boys seems fascinated throughout their childhood.

This mum said: “My 6 year old won't leave his alone… he panicked the other day because it had got big and he couldn't make it go down again (still playing with it at this point of course).

“So he shouted out for me to help him… Errrrrm I may be the bum wiper around here but not really much I can do with that one son!"

And it seems all family members, not just mums, can find themselves in an awkward situation, with this person posting: “My nephew once said 'look it’s growing like a rocket!' in a thick Welsh accent at the breakfast table, I was 16 and unsure how to respond so popped a tea towel over it…”

This ingenious excuse backfired somewhat, as this mum shared: “We keep telling our 4 year old son to stop playing with it as it'll fall off and he'll be a girl.

“One day whilst I was at the loo he says 'Mummy did you play with your willy for a long time before it fell off and you became a girl’.”

Let’s hope this lad doesn’t say this in public, as another mum said: “My son has recently started making his toodle big and showing me as he's very proud!

"One day he said to me I've got a big toodle and daddy has a baby toodle.”

And this parent revealed: “My 4 year old ran very fast on the spot totally naked staring between his legs and then said 'look mummy my willy's moving!!”

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