My best friend is accusing me of ‘poisoning’ her kids with my food… even though I look after them for FREE to help out

A WOMAN was left fuming after helping her best friend out with childcare, only to be told she was 'poisoning' her kids with her food.

The woman took to Reddit to ask users if she was wrong to stop looking after the children in retaliation to the claims.

The 24-year-old explained that her best friend had started a new job recently and was helping to look after her three kids as she knew her friend could not afford childcare.

She was also cooking for the children when they stayed and stated she was vegetarian and often cooked a lot of Indian food as much of it suited her dietary decision.

Therefore when the children were at her house she would cook these types of dishes for them too.

The anonymous poster said the children also get snacks whilst at her house, and they often cleaned their plates with the older two (aged seven and nine) often wanting seconds as they enjoyed her cooking so much.

But recently, their mum had a go at her friend who has been child-minding and cooking for the children for free, stating she was starving them and 'poisoning' them by not feeding them normal food with meat in it.

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The woman continued: "She demanded that I start cooking them proper food with meat, only using salt, pepper and garlic, or she would call CPS on me for child abuse and neglect."

The woman said the children are now complaining to their mum that the food they eat at home is bland and keep asking for their friends food.

She told the couple that going forward she would no longer be able to watch the children, to which they became more infuriated, calling her an 'a*****e'.

She asked users whether she was in the wrong and whether she should start cooking meat and different dishes for the children as to not upset their parents.

Many users said the parents were in the wrong, one commented: "The only way you would be an a*****e is if you were to continue let yourself be taken advantage of by these people. Their lack of preparation in finding suitable childcare is not your problem."

"Ridiculous level of entitlement. Kids like spice and the parents are offended. Free food and free day care for three children and they have the audacity to complain." Exclaimed a second user.

A third person wrote: " You fed her children, and they enjoyed it. If you’ve been vegetarian for a while, you know how to get enough protein into your meals. She’s just jealous."

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