My ex's Netflix password let me log in to ALL his stuff – we’re not on good terms after I went through his emails

A WOMAN whose ex-boyfriend gave her his Netflix password when they split was left stunned when she used it to discover he'd been cheating on her.

Veronic St-Cyr explained in a TikTok video that she'd been given the login details when things ended amicably with her former beau.

But she quickly discovered that the password not only worked for the streaming service, but also for his emails and all his accounts.

And once logging into his email, she found evidence that he'd been unfaithful during their relationship.

"When my ex and I broke up on 'good terms' so I asked for his Netflix password and he gave it to me and I realised that password worked for all of his accounts," she wrote over a video of herself with a laptop.

"And then every time he tried to block me I'd go on his email and reset his Instagram password and unblock myself.

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"And found out he was actually cheating on me the whole time."

However, Veronic's admission divided opinion among viewers of the TikTok video.

Many insisted she'd breached his privacy by getting into his email account, with one writing: "I'm not a lawyer but this sounds like it should be criminal if it isn't already."

"Two step verification keeps this from happening. Use it," another person added, while someone else commented: "thats why i change my netflix password when someone asks me for it lmao."

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But others were on Veronic's side, with one commenting: "honestly? good for you."

"At this point its not crazy but justified," someone else wrote.

While a third added: "Why are there negative comments it gives her clarity to know the 'good terms' means nothing if he lied and cheated."

And another comment read: "I mean it may be crazy but is it tho if you find something?"

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