My husband left me to go back to his ex-wife and kids – she broke his heart by having an affair & stolen my soul-mate

IT'S pretty rare for a marriage to end on especially good terms – so if your partner is divorced, they probably don't have many nice things to say about their ex.

But where there are kids involved, some couples try their best to keep it civil.

And if you're anything like this woman, you might just find yourself caught in the romantic crossfire.

Speaking to 9Honey, the woman explained how her husband Brendan had been separated from his wife Mel for three years when she met him.

Describing the former couple as "very amicable", the woman said they try their best to get along for their two young daughters.

She explained: "He married me a year ago and I've never been happier. I feel like he is my soul mate and knows everything about me and loves me very much."

The couple split due to Mel's infidelity and she has since remarried too.


The woman's suspicions were first raised last summer when Mel revealed her second marriage was over and poured her heart out to her ex during an hour-long phone call.

As she felt like they were just two "old friends", the woman didn't think much of it when her husband rushed to be by her ex's side.

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She continued: "But he didn't come home that night, and when he did come home the following day, he seemed very sheepish. He told me he'd fallen asleep on the sofa. I believed him."

In the wake of the break-up, the woman says Brendan kept spending more and more time at Mel's – which wasn't that unusual given their co-parenting set-up.

However, he began spending nights there too and would text her to say he wouldn't be making it home.

Although she "wasn't suspicious at all", the woman said she was pretty put out when Brendan told her that he was going on holiday with the girls and Mel for two weeks – and she wasn't invited.

"I didn't want to act like some jealous wife," she added. "So I just let him do it without questioning him."

As she heard from him everyday in some form or another, the new wife tried her best not to panic – but Brendan never once called her.

Unsurprisingly, her friends urged her to "brace herself" for bad news when he returned – and low and behold, he's since announced he wants to give his first marriage another try.

"To say I was devastated would be an understatement. It's been six months now and I'm healing," she said. "I'm happy for his daughters that they have their family together again. But I'm lonely and I miss him. It's just been a nightmare for me."


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