My husband tells me what time he wants his lunch – he says he’s being helpful but people say he treats me like a servant

A WOMAN sought advice from fellow mums as her husband messaged for his lunch to be ready at 1pm.

The wife wanted to know if the request was normal or if it was something to be upset about.

She explained that he would say when he wants lunch and then disappear to work for hours.

Taking to Mumsnet, she explained that her husband will say: "Please have lunch ready for 1pm. Thankyou."

She said: "I’m interested to know if anyone else’s husband would say this in the morning before disappearing into his office for several hours. Please be honest."

Fellow Mumsnet users were quick to jump in with their opinion.

One person said: "Not a chance. Unless he was on a very tight schedule and had five minutes to stuff a sandwich down his gullet, and even then he'd probably make his own at the beginning of the day."

Another said: "If mine said that to me my reply would be a swear word or two and what are you making yourself for lunch as I'm going out for the day then i would find somewhere to go for the day. It's not 1950."

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A third said: "Hell, no, because I’d laugh him out of the house! If he wants lunch, he gets it himself or if you feel like making him a sandwich, then maybe offer."

A few people said that they would and do make lunch for their husbands, but they didn't appreciate the tone of his request.

One said: "I’m not his housekeeper. I usually ask when he’d like his lunch (because he often has long meetings so needs it earlier/later than our general lunch time). But he’d never, ever be so entitled as to order me around like a servant."

Another agreed: "When me and my husband work from home together, if I'm making us both lunch we might have a conversation about what time would work best if we need to work around meetings etc. But he would never dare say that."

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