My in-laws are CHARGING for Christmas dinner – I’ve hosted them loads & they want me to pay for Champagne I won’t drink

A MUM has slated her in-laws for charging for Christmas dinner, after she's hosted them in the past for free.

Posting on Mumsnet, the woman explained how her brother-in-law and sister-in-law are cooking this year.

And they even expect her to chip in for Champagne she won't drink, because she's driving.

The mum ranted: "I've hosted before. Basically, they are charging us per family for dinner.

"I've never charged them before but apparently because they've got a lot of people going this year they have decided to charge.

"Then in the next breath saying how many bottles of champagne they are planning to buy but will be splitting the cost evenly between us all.

"They know I won't be able to drink as its just assumed by everyone I'll do all the driving.

"I don't want to seem tight but charging for Christmas Dinner for me just feels (upset face).

"I would of course have taken things round or would have been perfectly happy if they'd ask me to bring a certain course etc.

"Husband says he is on their side as they are doing all the hard work. Granted, but I've never charged them and would never dream of! AIBU? (am I being unreasonable?)

"TBH (to be honest) it's really put me off going but of course I will to keep the peace!

"I would so happily stay at home but it will just cause upset with my husband and my little boy will enjoy going there and being with his cousins.

"But I'd just never dream of charging people. I find the whole thing just so awkward and embarrassing!

"What will they do, send an invoice through on Christmas Eve? How blooming festive!"

The couple haven't said how much the charge will be yet – as they plan to buy in the food and drink, then split costs equally between all the guests.

She added: "It's the having to pay for my share of the champagne I won't be drinking that particularly riles me!

"And they're the type to only be able to drink dom perignon as, randomly, they are all about the show (but bizarrely happy to charge their own family for a taste the difference roast potato).

"They are absolutely not poor by the way 100k+ salary. Considerably way more than our income."

'This is a huge cheek'

And her fellow mums were equally horrified, labelling her in-laws "tight bastards".

One said: "I'd be invoicing them for all the years you paid for them and then say 'or we can just call it even?' CFs (cheeky f***ers)".

While a second slammed: "Who charges guests? That is unbelieveable. I'd be electing not to go."

And a third wrote: "I don’t mind chipping in a little if that’s the way it’s always done and it’s a reciprocal arrangement over the years… But demands for money? So rude and obnoxious."

A fourth mum wrote: "This is a huge cheek. You can buy Aldi champers for £10 ffs."

And another asked: "Why can’t you point out you haven’t charged them for the X number of years you’ve hosted, so won’t be contributing?

"Decent people getting trampled on my CF's really annoys me. Stand up for yourself OP (original poster)."

Others urged the mum to just stay home and "eat a Pot Noodle", saying: "I would be livid and wouldn’t want to go."

But one person said: "Realistically, not going clearly isn't an option as you would be stooping to their level of pettiness.

"But it would definitely be ok to object to being in the booze kitty if you are driving."

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