My kids all have the same name – they never know who I'm talking to and trolls say it's ridiculous but I don't care | The Sun

LOADS of parents struggle to find the perfect name for their newborn, so this mum made life a bit easier for herself and stuck with the same one for all of them.

She revealed all three of her kids have the same name with one slight difference.

According to the mum the siblings are named after their dad, which makes things even more confusing for the family.

Their names are Aubrey, Aubree and Aburii, she revealed.

The names were shared in a Facebook group where the mum was utterly rinsed for her choices.

"I regret having two of mine beginning with the same letter. Why would anyone do this," one slammed.


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When asked how the kids know who she's talking to the mum admitted things can get confusing.

"They're grown now but I would just keep sending them back until the right one appeared," she joked.

Even though there's no way to know if the mum was being serious, other users still didn't see the funny side.

One person commented: "Talk about no sense of self or identity. People really don't think much, do they."

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And another jabbed: "Ew. As the mom, have some f**king self respect."

"That should 100% be considered child abuse wtf," a third wrote.

Another said: "Oh man! This sounds like a good prequel to a Jeremy Kyle episode… The DNA results are in.

"Jokes aside, I love the name Aubrey and was on our list of names for our kids, but calling siblings by the same name is just cruel and confusing."

Meanwhile, other parents didn't understand why the mum went ahead the names at all.

"If my partner said I want to name them all Steve he'd be laughed out of my house," one mum laughed.

But others said it's not as uncommon as people think to have the same name as your siblings.

One said: "My father in law was one of 6 boys, all named William. Only their middle name was different and that's what they went by."

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