My man cheated on me so I got revenge but people say I overreacted and what I did took things WAY too far | The Sun

A WOMAN has gone viral after revealing what she did after finding out her man had cheated on her.

Almost nothing compares to the agonising pain of learning your loved one has been unfaithful.

But whilst some will simply end the relationship and try to start a new, more fulfilling chapter, for others, it's not enough.

Whether it's ruining the property or clothes, or getting a chain with the names of all the sneaky hookups, there will be people who will do anything for the ultimate revenge.

But one woman took such drastic measures, she caused a major storm on social media.

The viral clip, which has racked up more than a whopping 6.2 million views in just four days, sees a woman walking towards the rails of a bridge.

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As she looked over the river running underneath, she lifted up a white urn with an intricate navy design – and proceeded to throw the ashes it was containing into the water.

''He cheated on me so i threw his mom ashes in the river,'' read the text along the video.

Just as all the particles were still floating in the air, the woman then went on and let go of the small urn too, creating a big splash as it hit the suface.

One last glance later, she then wiped her hands and walked away.

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But although she might have walked away feeling better, viewers had a very different opinion on her approach.

For the most part, the shocked audience believed throwing the man's mum's ashes in a river had been a step too far.

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''sis, its a little too much isn't it [sic]?'' read one of the top comments, which has been liked by more than 32,000 other people.

Another agreed, struggling to understand: ''and she sees this as a victory?''

''oh damn…she's Mos definitely getting thrown in next…keep mom company….[sic]'' thought a third TikTok user.

''oh don't worry. she coming to see you,'' someone chuckled.

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There were also plenty of those who were confused as to why the person filming didn't do anything.

''Who recorded this though and let it happen.''

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